Ultralight Backpacking Trowel 18g

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Been looking for the perfect ultralight cat hole digging trowel - The Titanium trowel has got you covered!

Handle up for soft soil or handle down for more digging power the Deuce ultralight trowel is revolutionary!

The ultralight Titanium trowel is an excellent aid to leave no trace camping and helps you doo-doo the right thing.

The revolutionary design means it can be used handle UP or handle DOWN! which QUADRUPLES the edge pressure for hard ground!

Features and Benefits

  • Digs down and carves unusually well because of its thinness
  • Large scoop makes a mockery of tent stakes or trekking poles for digging
  • Cuts right through small roots - not your hands
  • Elegant, minimalist design
  • Surprisingly strong and tough
  • Lifetime Warranty — guaranteed durability or we'll replace it
  • Good sand stake but even better for burying other things as sand anchors
  • A great gift - bet they haven't got this yet
  • Eco-friendly – it's designed to need no packaging and it's 100% recyclable
  • Makes a very good boot- or shoe-horn
  • Yup, you can open a bottle of beer with it
  • Seriously perfect sandcastle sculpting tool
  • You can fly with it in your carry-on
  • At least one woman has used it as a standing-pee device - you go girl!
  • Only 18g

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Ultralight Backpacking Trowel 18g

0 ratings
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